A Proven Plan to Uncover the Hidden and Unpublished Job Market! Part 2 of 2

Job-Seeking Strategy – Uncovering the Hidden and Unpublished Job Market… another way to find a job!…..Part 2

hidden-job-market-970x451What is the “Hidden and Unpublished Job Market”?

The term “Hidden Job Market” refers to job openings that exist or will in the very near future, but that are not available to the general job-seeking public; they are not being advertised, are not on the internet job boards and are not listed with staffing services. They may or may not be listed on the employer’s website.

Last week we discussed in detail how do you get your foot in the door for these “hidden” jobs.

You do so by executing a self-marketing plan. It is the most pro-active way to unearth those hidden jobs… as well as those that are not hidden, but you have just not found them yet. This self-marketing plan involves you making lots of phone calls and following a carefully worded script (see notes accompanying each aspect of the call). To refresh your mind go to last week’s post.

In part 2 of this topic this week, I will discuss to whom you make these calls and some modifications depending on who you are calling.

OK… to whom do you make these calls?

Everyone! Yes – everyone you can think of!

You are going to make calls to your network of contacts…. with some modifications depending on who you are calling.

When calling business associates… follow the menu detailed last week 100%.

How about others to call other than business associates? Think of it this way… the person that sat in your dentist’s chair before you may well have bemoaned to your dentist the fact that he or she is having a tough time finding someone for a critical job…same for your doctor and same for your priest, minister, rabbi, etc.

You want to modify the opening resume request slightly to:

“Frank – Harry Smith here. How have you been??…it has been a while since we talked.”

Depending on the frequency of contact with each person, you may need to remind them of who you are and how you and they are connected. If necessary, do so as was covered before with the “Bill” example.

“Say Frank – I have a favor to ask. Nothing heavy mind you, but important to me. I am in the process of changing jobs and trying to make sure I leave no stone unturned looking for opportunities.”

 “I would really appreciate it if I could email you my resume so you can see my work history and then give some thought as to who I should be talking to. I will also send you my target list of firms I am most interested in, and it would be great if you knew someone at any of them. Will you do that for me?”

“What is your email address?”

And… take it from there!

There might be some contacts where it is better to email your request with your resume and target list as attachments. For those that do not work with a telephone at hand – such as your doctor and dentist – this is a better approach. When you call and want to talk to those type of professionals, you are taking them away from their primary work. Better to let them hear your request on their “down time”.

OK… you now know how to tap into the “hidden job market”. Is this whole process a bit assertive? Yes, it is – and it is understandable that you might not be comfortable making these calls at first. Keep in mind two things – first, virtually all of the people you will call won’t think poorly of you for doing so. Second – it works and is a viable strategy for you to find a job. So – gut up and make the calls!!

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