Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions!

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions!

blank list of resolutions on blackboardMany people contemplate New Year’s Resolutions; some actually make them – either mentally or in writing. During my academic years, I really liked the start of school – new notebooks and binders… and a clean slate grade-wise. Today it is the beginning of a new calendar year that has me thinking of the opportunities that will present themselves in the new year….and those that can be made to present themselves.

More importantly, however, is to keep in mind the basics. What are those basics to make the new year a winner?

Here is my top five “gonna do it…or continue to do it…in the  new year”… resolutions  – in no particular order:

  • Pledge to stay in (closer) touch with those who are important to you. Spend more – and quality –  time with your spouse or significant other, your children, and stay in touch with distant relatives and college/high school friends. Time flies by – don’t let it slip by. I took my daughter to college yesterday and today she graduated a year ago – that is how fast it seems that the time has zipped by. Be mindful of the lyrics to “Cat’s in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin –  lost opportunities to relate and share time with others  that will never return.

  • Get organized. Clean up, sort, file, throw away. In a two words – Get Organized. One stack at a time grab that pile of papers, newspapers, magazines, etc. and sort into three piles:
  1. Toss/re-cycle
  2. File
  3. Back into the to-be-read-or-processed pile

I live in a paper world – and it can get the best of me. I go through this process a few times a year (yes – I am aware of the “only touch a piece of paper once theory” – and it is just that – a theory that rarely works with ALL of the stuff I get). My to-be-read-or-processed pile is aways big – but at least this process winnows out the chaff and junk!

I file a lot of stuff – mainly two categories of it. American Civil War articles by battle or biographic subject. It is a favorite subject/hobby of mine and I have visited, re-visited or plan to visit many of them over the years ahead… so I have accumulated a wealth of source material and add to it regularly. The other category is stuff that makes my family look at me and wonder – such things as the history of Congressional Cemetery in Washington, DC  or underwater photos of the Edmund Fitzgerald. I am sure it will all be of continuing interest over time! I give you the green light to do the same!

  • Do something you have wanted to do for some time… but never got around to it. Target a project you want to get done by spring or summer… or at least make headway on it. I want to write an essay on a Civil War direct ancestor of mine. I will get started in January and make weekly progress. What is yours?? Identify it – and put it near the top of your “to do” list. Build a patio? Better organize the garage? Color code your sock drawer? <smile> Whatever it is – identify it – and do it. You will feel better afterwards!
  • Stay – or become – fit. Your body is the carriage you ride in every day 24/7. If you aren’t fit – it will manifest itself – and more frequently as you get older. Exercise and eat what is good for you and sparingly what is not so good for you. Many of mankind’s ailments are self-inflicted through bad habits.
  •  Chill – enjoy every day. Take – or make – the time to enjoy life. Read a great book. Take a walk in the rain or snow. Walk the dog. Visit a museum. Take a local tour. You get the idea. Falls into the category of smelling the roses. As the phrase goes – “we are only passing through”… so enjoy each and every day.

A big “thank you” to all of the loyal readers of this blog – I hope it has been helpful and interesting! More career, job-changing and management stuff coming in the New Year!!

Look out – 2015 is right around the corner!! Happy New Year!!

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