Top 10 Soft Skills You Need to Have to Get Hired!

Top 10 Soft Skills You Need to Have to Get Hired!

top 10How Are Your Soft Skills?

Most Hiring Managers Say Soft Skills Just as Important (as hard skills) *

A majority of employers believe that soft skills (less tangible traits associated with one’s personality, such as a positive attitude) are just as important as hard skills (abilities that are learned to perform a specific job function and can be measured, such as operating a computer program).

Career Builder’s survey of more than 2,000 hiring managers and human resource professionals found the 10 most popular soft skills that companies say they look for when hiring:

1. Strong Work Ethic – 73%

2. Dependability – 73%

3. Positive Attitude – 72%

4. Self-motivated – 66%

5, Team-oriented – 60%

6. Organization (can manage multiple priorities) – 57%

7. Works well under pressure – 57%

8. Effective Communications – 56%

9. Flexibility – 51%

10. Confidence – 36%

OK…time for some self-analysis…. How do you stack up against these 10 factors? Some will take more time than others to improve…your objective is that a reference check of your current and past  employers will grade you favorably in these ten areas. It also seems to me that these are 10 factors to achieve success in life as well as on the job. Take the time to rate yourself on a 1-10 scale and then get started on getting all of the ratings in order.

If you are on the job market, print this and put in your job-hunting portfolio  so as to keep  in the forefront as you go through the process, especially interviewing!

* Adapted from “Most Hiring Managers Say Soft Skills Just as Important” from Staffing Success – the publication of the American Staffing Association.

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