The Ultimate Job Seeker's Guide

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ISBN: 9781457556333
207 pages

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Unemployed? You are not alone … Learn how to cope and position yourself to be the next one hired!

Underemployed? Learn how to leverage your experience to your next position!

With practical how-to advice about tactics and strategy, resumes and interviewing, negotiating salary and benefits, understanding the hiring criteria and processes of employers, uncovering jobs in the “hidden and unpublished” job market, learn and understand the step-by-step processes that lead to getting a job offer … and more!


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  1. Successful Job-Seeking – An Overview and Some Absolutes You Need to Know About the World of Work!
  2. Job-Seeking Strategy When You Are Unemployed
  3. The Steps to Your Next Job – And Avoiding Any Missteps
  4. Job-Seeking Strategy 101 – Logistics and Getting Organized
  5. Basic and Advanced Internet Search techniques
  6. How to Best Use a Staffing Service Company/Headhunter
  7. Your Resume – The Key to Your Next Job – Better Get It Right!
  8. Interviewing – The Bridge Between You and Your Next Job
  9. Job-Seeking Strategy – Uncovering the Hidden and Unpublished Job Market
  10. Moving from the Government to the Private Sector
  11. Congratulations! You Have an Offer! Now What? Evaluating Offers and Negotiating Salary and Benefits
  12. Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow – Resigning
  13. Showtime – Day One at Your New Job!
  14. Now What – Planning Your Career
  15. Just How Good Are Your Communication Skills?
  16. Internships - How To Find Them and How to Get One
  17. The Experts Speak; Tips for Job Seekers from Seasoned Recruiters


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