Self Publishing Your Book

Self Publishing has never been easier, faster or more profitable.

Until now, self publishing was expensive, frustrating, and time consuming.

Dog Ear Publishing is your answer to self publishing.

At Dog Ear Publishing, you can publish a book in about 12 weeks. You own the copyright and you are in control of how we publish your book. Our site is full of resources for self publishing, and we'll help you all along your journey answering all your questions on self publishing, from book publishing basics to book marketing and selling.

Dog Ear Publishing gives you the choice of how you publish your own manuscript. Avoid the rejection letters from the traditional book publishing establishment and literary agents. At Dog Ear Publishing, you control the future of your publishing dream - publish a book today!

To discover what we can teach you about self publishing or if you are ready to begin your self publishing journey – click the link below. We are glad you are here!

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