Getting a Job Offer – Social Media Job Seeking Tips!

Getting a Job Offer – Social Media Job Seeking Tips!

If you have one or more social media pages/profiles (LinkedInFacebook

The picture you DON'T want to be part of your job-seeking process!

The picture you DON’T want to be part of your job-seeking process!

Twitter – etc.) two very important pieces of advice from an expert….when it comes to getting a job offer.

1.    Review very carefully what you have posted and who else impacts what appears on your profile.

2.    Be sure they are all in sync AND match your resume – no inconsistencies.

Let’s review both.

First – take a close look with a critical eye as to what is there for a prospective employer to see. Many an employment opportunity has ended abruptly when a prospective employer’s recruiter/interviewer saw things on a social media site that concerned them sufficiently to conclude that the candidate would not be a good fit for the organization and hence no longer a viable candidate for the job.

After all, the person that screens and interviews for open positions is the “gate-keeper” and empowered to screen out those that are not a good fit in terms of organizational culture.

And don’t “friend” with those whose social media content is inappropriate in any way – it can adversely impact you!

Secondly – be sure your resume and LinkedIn profile “mirror” each other; you don’t want a prospective employer trying to reconcile inconsistencies between the two.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account/profile – you need to create one posthaste… just be sure it mirrors your resume!

You can be sure that the process of reviewing your application will include a Google search of your name – you and only you can control what is found! Getting a job offer requires a little work on your end…

Here are some more great tips about how your social media can hurt your job search:

These guidelines – and others – about how to get the job you want can be found in “The Ultimate Job-Seeker’s Guide”.

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